The Importance of a Drug Defense Lawyer


There are quite a number of steps involved when you are handling a drug defense case. You for one need to have a legal representative who shall act in your best interests effectively. They should start by getting a copy of your arrest warrant. This shall reveal more details about what you are facing.


The arrest documentation shall reveal the name of the arresting officer, and the charges which they put on you. It is important that your lawyer also find out whether a search warrant had been issued prior to the arresting officer and their team coming to your premises to look for drugs. Evidence in a drug-related case is critical, and as such, it needs to have been handled the right way if the case is to hold water in court. This and any other details in the case is what your lawyer shall go through to find out where your rights may have been violated, and other technicalities to help in your case. Their aim shall be to weaken the case against you, and if possible, to get the charges dismissed entirely.


The hired lawyer will also need to meet the arresting officer. When you have been found in possession of certain prohibited drugs, such possession is in itself enough to get you arrested and charged. But most law enforcement officers shall assume that you are part of a larger organization distributing drugs, or are a link to get to that larger organization. As long as your lawyer is present, they might propose an arrangement where you reveal this organization, and get better terms in your arrest.

You will need a competent lawyer to advise you on what to do to make the most of the opportunity presented.


For you to not end up with a raw deal, you will need to lawyer to be keen on this part of the process. They shall have to find out what time you were arrested, whether there is an undercover agent involved, whether the search warrant was above board, and whether your statement was made under duress. You may have not been in possession of the said drugs, which shall mean the arresting officers have more to do to prove their case or look for another suspect. Such technicalities may not be something you can handle when facing the threat and fright of being arrested. Get more info about this Stockmann Law here!


It is important that you also get a drug defense lawyer who shall take time to talk to you about the details leading to your arrest. They need to get your version of the story right if they are to mount a defense that stands a chance of keeping you out of jail. You, therefore, need to find a professional, experienced, meticulous, and approachable defense lawyer to handle your case. Click here to get more details now!


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